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Acting too Fast (Author: Bryan Law)


For song lovers, it is difficult to say which songs are the greatest hits of all time.  However, it is easy to tell you what the greatest hits of all time in public washrooms are.

Just when I needed you most – the stall is run out of toilet paper.

Close to you – a guy walks towards a urinal in the middle of two other guys.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You – when the janitor cleans the washroom

Echoes – you pass something out from your body while sitting on the toilet

Imagine – when you do not have anything to read in the stall

Here I Am – when someone knocks the door of your stall

I'm Still Standing – When the washroom is full

Careless Whisper – this one is special, actually it is not sung in the washroom.  Instead, it is sung whenever there is a 'gas leak' …

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