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Acting too Fast III (Author: Bryan Law)


A cruise was sinking in the ocean. There were 5 people left and the last lifeboat could only hold 4 people.  The 5 people were: a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a child and the captain who was supposed the last one to abandon the ship.

As the cruise was in international water, it was under the jurisdiction of the country that the cruise was registered. That country’s law allowed the captain to decide who could be left in such a case.

The boy said: “I am young and my future is bright. I may be a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer and etc. I may help, or save many people in the future. I think I deserve a seat.”

The teacher said: “I teach young kids like this little boy. Without us, the young kids will not be successful. I think I deserve a seat too.”

Then the doctor said: “I have saved many people’s lives and may save yours too, especially in this lifeboat. I think you need me.”

The lawyer said: “I have an idea: I am strong and can row this lifeboat fast with just me on the boat. I will be fast enough to ask for help from other lifeboats, and then everyone can be saved.”

Without wasting a second to think about it, the captain announced: “You, the lawyer, stay with the cruise.”

The reason was – the captain thought that the lawyer was not trust worthy at all.

The moral of this joke is: You have to know what your image is in people’s mind before you speak.

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